About This Site

About This Site

This website has been build as a way to show case my skills, both in this website and in the projects shown.

The website incorporates a number of API's as well as javascript (vanilla and jquery). The website design was taken from ColorLib.

I went with my prefered stack, minus Redis (not required), hosted as a DigitalOcean droplet. PHP is version 8.2, Laravel is version 9 and Bootstrap is version 4.

The contact form is powered by Twilio and*1 Mailgun, and the 'Support Me' is powered by Stripe*2. The Up Vote mechanism is a simple vanilla javascript ajax function.

The database is provided by SQLite, this is a lightweight option, chosen because I don't intend to store any sensitive information. It purely serves details of projects.

Twilio and Stripe are disabled at the moment. *1 I need to refactor Twilio Laravel plugin. *2 At the moment Stripe integration isn't required, perhaps I will do so in the future.

Main Stack